The Peace Region’s Most Versatile CVIP Facility.

Licensed CVIP Inspections and Repairs

Not your average CVIP facility.

No More Surprises

“Thanks, see you next year,” says your average CVIP shop.

And next year, your CVIP costs 5 times as much ‘cause now you need a major repair. A repair that could have been avoided had someone told you about a minor problem a year ago. We don’t just give you a CVIP, we give you an honest inspection. So you can make the call whether to do a minor fix now… or a major one later.

Stay Compliant, Stay Prepared

You’ll Know Its Safe

You’ll get the same honest workmanship and quality control that we put into every job that we do.

We’ll Tell You When It Isn’t

Don’t worry about missing your next inspection. We’ll call you before you’re due and book you when it works for you.