About Us

The Versatile Family

Built on trust, community, and damn good work.

Passionately Driven. Family Focused. Quality Reputation.

We’re a family-owned and operated heavy-duty repair shop that got our start by chasing a dream. We fabbed and rigged our very first lube trailer at home in our driveway with some very long nights and a passion to become an entrepreneur.  

As we focused on doing quality, honest work our customer base grew quickly. As did the need for more space.

We moved to our shop and hired well-rounded, like-minded technicians with experience working in the dealerships and on oilfield equipment. 

Now we’re the most versatile heavy-duty repair shop in the Peace Region, and the only one to specialize in oilfield equipment.

While we’ve grown a lot since the trailer days, we haven’t forgotten our roots of honesty and quality workmanship, and our focus on our families and relationships.

Relationships Keep Us Rolling

With Our Customers

We’re not the shop you try out once and never come back to. Our honest work ethic and fair rates create a shop attitude & experience second to none.

With Our Community

We love giving back. If you’re fundraising or need a sponsor stop by and let us know what you’re up to. We’ll help you out where we can.

With Our Employees

Like you, when a technician comes to our shop, we keep them. We give them what they need, so they can give you what you need.